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Cabinet Set 620

Available for purchase in our store (information here).

  • L-shaped ten piece cabinet set.
  • Cherry colored solid wood doors, fiberboard boxes.
  • Includes Corian countertop and sink.
  • The short side of the L is an island/peninsula piece.


363524BaseTwo doors, three drawers.
363524BaseOne door. Lazy Susan.
333524BaseTwo doors. Sink Base.
213524BaseOne door, one drawer.
153524BaseFour drawers.
243524BaseTwo doors. End corner piece.
321412UpperTwo doors, ONE MISSING.
213012UpperOne door.
332412UpperTwo doors.
242412UpperEnd corner piece and matching base.
132----OtherL-shaped Corian countertop, sink and faucet.

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Cabinet Set 620

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