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Cabinet Set 627

Available for purchase in our store (information here).

  • Sixteen piece set, gray laminate.
  • Might not have been a domestic kitchen, rather an office or other professional setting.
  • Similar to Cabinet Set 625.


3034.517.5BaseTwo doors.
7034.522.25BaseTwo doors.
6034.523.5BaseTwo doors, four drawers.
35.534.523.5BaseTwo doors.
41.7534.522.25BaseLazy Susan.
1834.518.5BaseOne door.
3734.517.5BaseTwo doors.
3628.7512.75UpperTwo doors.
2639.515.75UpperTwo doors.
23.539.512UpperTwo doors.
243912UpperTwo doors.
31.254612UpperTwo doors. Open shelf under doors.
243912UpperTwo doors.
3634.512UpperTwo doors. 4.5" Bumpout at top.
3037.7512UpperOpen shelves.
31399UpperOpen shelves.

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Cabinet Set 627

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