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Selected Cabinet Sets 20% Off!

(Antique cabinets not included)

Cabinet Set 628

Available for purchase in our store (information here). All cabinets are subject to prior sale.

  • Unusually nice set. There's more hand-crafted work than in a lot of kitchen cabinets.
  • Oak plywood boxes.
  • Solid oak doors, drawers, some end panels are solid oak.
  • Includes double stainless steel sink, range hood and Kenmore dishwasher.
  • Includes two pieces of laminate countertop with solid oak edging.
  • Some cabinets have doors with pebble glass and arched tops.
  • Some upper pieces have extensive solid oak trim.
  • Seven large pieces, the equivalent of double that or more.

$3,000 $2,400

823525BaseFour doors, four drawers
533525BaseThree doors, one drawer.
303525BaseOne door, five drawers.
1063525OtherCountertop, black laminate, solid oak edging. Double basin sink.
824212UpperFour doors, trim at top.
164212UpperOne door. Pebble glass, arched top.
514212UpperThree doors.
342427UpperTwo doors, trim.

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Cabinet Set 628

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