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Green Demolition

Green Demolition
Green Demolition

Green Demolition (or Hybrid Deconstruction) is a cost-effective, safe and environmentally sound alternative strategy for demolishing structures.

  • The Green Option to traditional demolition, with a pragmatic, experience-tested approach to material reclamation, reuse and recycling.
  • Diverts valuable materials from the landfill and makes them available for more productive uses.
  • Saves money and materials, creates sustainable jobs, earns LEED credits and good publicity.
  • ReUse Action’s Green Demolition Team is an industry-leading practitioner, consistently performing, innovating and delivering results to customers since 2007.

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Experienced, Tenacious, Breaking New Ground

Since beginning our work, we’ve dismantled over 90 structures including scores of Victorian homes, large warehouse structures, several 10,000+ square foot mansions, and numerous timber-framed barns, garages and utility buildings.

The Green Demolition Team currently leading ReUse Action’s demolition efforts performed the 15 hour dismantlement of the Powell home during Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Buffalo, the first (and fastest) Green Demolition to be shown on prime time TV.

This impressive feat was a striking example of the practicality of Green Demolition, showing the world it’s a valid choice for dealing with an unwanted or unneeded structure.

Today, our licensed and insured Green Demolition Team can efficiently and economically remove barns, garages, residential structures and larger buildings, using the “hybrid” combination of machines and human labor.

In Fall 2011, our team deconstructed the four story John Deere Plant in Syracuse and reclaimed over 35,000 board feet of floor joists and thousands of square feet of oak and maple flooring.

In the Summer of 2012, our team demolished twelve houses in Syracuse for the School of Environmental Science and Forestry. This prevailing wage job was accomplished in twenty-five working days. ReUse Action coordinated the effort with a local demolition contractor and showed that green demolition can be competitive with traditional “crunch it up and throw it away” methods.

A Competitive, Creative, Less Wasteful Choice

In the past, green demolition, also referred to as deconstruction, was criticized because many believed it took too long to complete a project and that the service was cost-prohibitive.  In fact, many of the early techniques of green demolition were very time and labor-intensive.

When we started investigating deconstruction in 2006, we knew these methods would not enable us to build a sustainable business. We’re deeply indebted to our friend and mentor David Bennink of ReUse Consulting. For over fifteen years, David has driven the process of continual innovation that allows us to compete dollar for dollar with traditional demolition.

Our Green Demolition team can also facilitate smaller interior demolition projects to reclaim kitchen cabinets or large, complex architectural salvage projects, like the three month salvage of the historic Hotel Lafayette in downtown Buffalo during the summer of 2011.

Seeing the Whole Picture and Completing the Cycle

Of course, dismantlement is the last resort. If a building can be saved we can advise on restoration approaches, but if the building must come down, the salvaged materials can be incorporated into new builds and restoration projects or re-milled for the next generation of flooring, paneling, cabinetry, craft items and furniture.

If you think you might need our green demolition services, need some professional advice or just want to know more, call 716-894-3366 or email sales {at} reuseaction(.)com for a free estimate and evaluation of your project.