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Carpet from Spaulding Lake

$11.25 per square yard

  • Carpet from a big house in Spaulding Lake, Clarence, New York
  • Roll out the carpet . . . not the red one but . . . leopard prints . . .in frames wrapped in ribbons and accented with fig leaves?
  • It strikes us as Victorian, Gentleman's hunting lodge perhaps? Well . . . you look at the photo and figure out how to describe it.
  • Either way our crew recently brought in approximately 800 sq ft of this really nice carpet (no padding though).
  • It's relatively new and very lightly used.
  • The pictures show a closeup of the pattern and the space where it was originally installed.
  • Eight rectangular pieces pieces ranging from 10'x16' to 8'x14'.
  • This flashy stuff is all rolled up and ready for a new home.
  • $1.25/square foot ($11.25/square yard)

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Spaulding Lake Carpet

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