Western New York’s Largest Supplier of Reclaimed & Surplus Building Material


ReUse Action specializes in the reclamation/removal of reusable materials, specialty demolition as part of renovation and rehabilitation projects, and of course technical moving projects since we are often engaged in moving big, awkward, and unusual materials (we’ve gotten really good at it).

Licensed & Insured

ReUse Action is a licensed City of Buffalo Light Commercial Contractor, fully insured for GL, Worker’s Comp, and Auto.

A little bit more about our work…

Reclamation and removal

Our team carefully removes usable materials prior to demolition of entire structures, prior to rehabilitation, or when commercial spaces change uses. When we are involved in the project we divert materials from the landfill and reduce your landfill costs. Sometimes, depending on the salvage value, we will buy the salvage rights or pay cash for the opportunity to remove materials. But more often, we offer a credit towards the entire interior demolition or clean out of the space. Our involvement can greatly reduce the overall demolition costs of your project. Our most common demolition project is kitchen cabinet removal. Almost always when homes change hands, the kitchen is the first room to be remodeled. Often the cabinets are still in solid condition. The salvage of the cabinets can provide a credit for the demolition of the entire kitchen prior to rehab. We’ve also been involved in the move of Children’s Hospital, Hyatts, The BPO, and numerous of commercial space flips. Calls us before you call the clean out crew, we’ll save money for your project and save landfill space.

Specialty Demolition

Anyone can swing a sledge hammer and break things right? We would argue No. There is a lot of potential to do harm to your property or your body when tearing things apart. Our crew has spent years mastering the art of technical demolition. We use our bodies, machines, but most importantly our brains. We often get hired to remove sections of a house, without compromising the structural integrity of the building. Or we remove weight bearing walls and replace it with steel or wood beams (oh we do framing and structural work too). We’ve even torn down entire houses without damaging the foundation/basement so that you can rebuild right on the same footprint. We enjoy tearing things apart too and breaking things, BUT like all of our work, we try to salvage as much material as possible, instead of putting it into the dumpster. Landfill space is expensive for our community and for future generations, so let’s try to curb it, by putting less at the curb and less in dumpsters.

Technical Moving

We really aren’t house movers, though we CAN do that if you get in a pinch. Our real interest is in specialty moving. Almost anything but pianos, though again, we CAN do that, there’s another option in town that specializes in JUST pianos. We can move heavy equipment, safes, tools, and so much more. Give us a call and we can talk about what you need.