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taking the first step…

2001 Seneca, Septemer 2007
2001 Seneca, Septemer 2007
When we started ReUse, our initial momentum was fueled by the combination of belief that a better way existed, unyielding determination despite the many obstacles, and passion for the health of our environment and our community.  This is what got me out of bed every morning and kept me up late into the evening.

The belief, determination, and passion fueled my fire of action for almost four years.  When I was terminated from ReUse, the fire was completely extinguished, dramatically and without warning.  Even more devastating was the loss of my team, my collaborators, my partners.  I still experience a loss everyday, for the people were and are a huge component of the work that I love.

As this year comes to a close and I reflect once again on my last year, I feel sad about the loss, but finally creating new momentum for creating positive community change.

For the first time in several months, I am experiencing the phenomenon of fresh and new ideas.  I feel as if I have a direction and focus and I’m excited about the eruption of thoughts in my brain.  This week, I realized that one very tangible outcome of our work at ReUse was the creation of a network.  I am proud of the relationships that we created and the relationships that I will continue to nurture.  Having arrived in Buffalo just prior to the founding of ReUse, I knew no one.  I didn’t know who to call, who could enable the effort, who would open doors.  Now, with over four years experience under our belt, ReUse Action is starting from a  completely different place.  Each step will be more concise, more deliberate, more effective.

I feel grateful to have so many brilliant and inspiring friends and collaborators around me.  My meetings of the past week have inspired me with new possibilities, a new direction, and a new passion that will kick my tail out of bed for the mornings to come.

A thank you to all of you that have inspired these first steps.  We’ll be running in no time and it’s going to be an exciting race…