Western New York’s Largest Supplier of Reclaimed & Surplus Building Material


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About Us

We’re a social enterprise

We operate a retail store, open to the public

  • Located in the City of Buffalo at 980 Northampton Street, near Genesee
  • www.reuseaction.com 716-894-3366
  • Open Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm
  • Closed Monday through Friday
  • We take up two-thirds of a ca. 1922 factory building
  • The building is called “The Guild @980”
  • Located across the street from the Milk-Bone plant, America’s largest dog snack bakery, on Buffalo’s Historic Belt Line Railroad
  • 30,000 square feet of indoor store and a big yard for outdoor materials.
  • The third floor is being rented out to small businesses practicing the “restoration arts” – woodworking, metalworking, various kinds of repair, trades and craft

We provide comprehensive services

  • We sell reclaimed & factory-second rigid foam insulation (PIC, EPS, XPS), lumber, barn wood, flooring and siding
  • We sell house parts new and old – doors, windows, tubs & sinks, lighting, trim, flooring
  • We sell art and antiques in our gallery space, unusual items, art materials, decor
  • We also contract for green demolition, gutting, salvage, cleanouts & consult in the areas of reclamation, recycling & reuse.


  • We have thousands of both old and like-new doors, factory returns and surplus
  • We have a yard full of barn wood – hand-hewn and sawn beams, joists, siding and flooring.
  • We have lots of foam insulation, reclaimed and surplus/factory second
  • We have a growing inventory of old house parts
  • We make and sell flooring, trim and molding and other value-added products, from our stock of reclaimed wood and from new wood
  • Most “old house” and surplus items are priced at 35% to 65% of the prevailing local retail price for similar new products

Contact Us

Email: info {at} reuseaction(.)com.

Phone: 716-894-3366

Social media:

In person: Our store is located at
980 Northampton Street, Buffalo NY 14211 (map).

Open to the Public

Open Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm

Closed Monday through Friday

Website information can be found here.