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About ReUse Action

We’re a for-profit social enterprise

  • As of December 1, 2022, we’ve taken over material sales for Buffalo ReUse, and also are handling donations to Buffalo ReUse. This is by mutual agreement between the board of Buffalo ReUse and ReUse Action.
  • We’re the original founders of Buffalo ReUse, a not-for-profit organization we started organizing in 2006 and which began operations on the East Side in 2007.
  • We’ve been operating a small group of not-for-profit and for-profit social enterprises since 2007.
  • We continue the neighborhood-based and community-focused work we started in 2007 (go here for a brief history).
  • We acquire & sell reclaimed & surplus materials.
  • We provide consultation services in the areas of reclamation, recycling and reuse.
  • We create living wage jobs in Buffalo.
  • We grow & encourage economic development based on the reclaiming and reuse of materials otherwise “thrown away” in the landfill.
  • We nurture job-readiness and job training programs in an area of extremely high unemployment, using paid, productive work to train and support younger people ages 17 to 30.
  • We provide quality building materials and other reclaimed items at a fair price to homeowners, landlords, contractors, developers, artists and craftsmen.

We operate a retail store, open to the public

  • Located in the City of Buffalo, on the East Side, at 980 Northampton Street, near Genesee.
  • www.reuseaction.com 716-894-3366.
  • Open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 9am to 4pm.
  • We take up two-thirds of a ca. 1922 factory building.
  • The building is called “The Guild @980”.
  • Located across the street from the Milk-Bone plant, America’s largest dog snack bakery, on Buffalo’s Historic Belt Line Railroad.
  • 30,000 square feet of indoor store and a big yard for outdoor materials.
  • We support the arts, crafts, trades and small business by renting our upper floors to small businesses and individuals doing woodworking, metalworking, upcycling, sculpture, painting, ceramics, photography, product development and office work.
  • If you’re looking for Buffalo ReUse, ReUse Action, Buffalo ReUse Action, the ReUse Store in Buffalo or the Buffalo ReUse store, you’ve found us! People also find foam insulation board (factory seconds) and reclaimed PolyIso insulation at our store, as well as reclaimed wood and barn wood.

We provide comprehensive services


  • We have a yard full of barn wood – hand-hewn and sawn beams, joists, siding and flooring.
  • We have lots of foam insulation, reclaimed, surplus and factory second.
  • We have a growing inventory of old house parts.
  • We make and sell flooring, trim and molding, furniture and other value-added products, from our stock of reclaimed wood and from new wood.
  • Most “old house” and surplus items are priced at 35% to 65% of the prevailing local retail price for similar new products.Antique and unusual/rare items cost more.

Contact ReUse Action

Email: info@reuseaction.com.

Phone: 716-894-3366

Text: 716-354-3050

Social media: facebook  | instagram | twitter | yelp

In person: Our store is located at
980 Northampton Street, Buffalo NY 14211 (map).

Open to the Public

Open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, 9am to 4pm

Store Information Here

Our Location: Where To Find Us

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We're frequently confused with similar businesses

The ReUse Action team has been reclaiming and selling building materials since 2007, under the ReUse Action name since 2012

Habitat for Humanity has two ReStores in Buffalo (link), one on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst/Tonawanda and one on South Park Avenue in South Buffalo. We think Habitat and its stores are great community organizations, doing valuable work in affordable housing. When you buy reclaimed material at Habitat ReStores, you directly support building houses for people who normally couldn't afford houses.

We encourage you to check out the ReStores.

Buffalo ReUse, an organization we started (link), formerly on East Ferry Street, discontinued retail operations on November 27, 2022. By mutual agreement, ReUse Action has taken over acquisition and sales operations for Buffalo ReUse, which continues as a community-based not-for-profit organization.

So, to avoid inconvenience, please remember:
We're ReUse Action, at 980 Northampton Street
Western New York's Largest Supplier
of Reclaimed & Surplus Building Material