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The Murders on May 14

The Murders on May 14 2We’re deeply saddened and angered by the murders at Tops. We extend our condolences to the families and friends of those killed, and to Buffalo’s entire Black community.

We’ve been operating our business east of Main Street since 2008. Our diverse customers make it possible for us to continue in business every day. They’re our neighbors and friends. We’re an actively anti-racist organization. We support peace and non-violence. We’re confident we can move forward as a community to make real changes to the current systems of inequality, lack of community safety and lack of accountability. We’re ready to serve as needed, seeking guidance from those directly harmed by racism.

Our community has rallied to support the survivors. This expresses the very best Buffalo has to offer the world. In the wake of tragedy the only path towards healing is through the direct confrontation of hate and evil acts, proactive organizing and policy to eliminate the forces dividing us, and a total rethinking of our culture and community.

The ReUse Action community stands allied with our East Side neighbors and the rest of Buffalo to be bold in our advocacy and courageous in our actions.

If you’re not sure where to help right now, consider a donation to Black Love Resists in the Rust, Feed Buffalo or Colored Girls Bike Too. These organizations are run by our Black neighbors and will put your donations to use immediately.


ReUse Action