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We sell cast iron radiators to heat your home or business.

If you need a radiator, give us a call or email us at info@reuseaction.com.

To make the buying process go more smoothly, read the information on this page.

Getting Started: Information We Need


Are you looking for a steam or a hot water radiator?


  • Length, of the body of the radiator from side to side between the connecting pipes. Length is the most critical measurement.
  • Height, from the floor.
  • Depth, from front to back.


Here’s our radiator pricing as of January 2024.

  • The base price, for any radiator, is $300. This is for radiators with dimensions up to 32″ in any dimension.
  • We charge extra for larger radiators:
  • Add $50 for radiators 32″ to 35″.
  • Add $100 for radiators 35″ to 45″.
  • Add $200 for radiators over 45″.
  • Add $100 for ornate, unusual or antique/fancy radiators, in addition to the size upcharges above.
  • These upcharges are entirely at our discretion.
  • We charge extra for any work beyond testing, such as moving plugs or installing bleeder valves. Charges of this sort start at $25 and will be quoted to you before we start work.
  • We require a deposit of half the total cost before we start. This is refundable in full if we can’t find a radiator for you that passes the pressure test.
  • We charge New York State and Erie County sales tax at 8.75%. We only make tax-free sales if you provide us with a valid sales tax exemption form.
  • We offer no discounts on radiators. We will not engage in bargaining or haggling over price.
  • Price includes pressure testing, 30 pounds of air for 30 minutes.
  • Pricing is subject to change.
  • We’ll honor any price quote we give you for 30 days.
  • We’re usually not able to deliver, but we can, for a fee. Minimum charge is $400. Whether or not we deliver is entirely at our discretion.
  • Most of the radiators we sell are sold to walk-in customers at our store in Buffalo. We’re willing to give you a quote on shipping if you need it, or advise on picking up at our store in Buffalo.

More Information

  • It can be very helpful to involve a qualified HVAC contractor in the process of acquiring and installing a radiator.
  • We don’t install, repair or refinish radiators, but we can refer you to qualified contractors or advise you on doing it yourself.
  • If you don’t have the information we need to get started, please contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.
  • We pressure-test every radiator – 30 pounds of air for 30 minutes.
  • We’ll help you get your radiator into your vehicle. Most radiators will require a pickup truck or a box truck for safe transport.
  • Radiators are HEAVY. You need to be prepared to move an object weighing hundreds of pounds. It’s important to have capable people and the proper equipment, or you could injure yourself, damage the radiator or damage your property.