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ReUse Action Consults . . .

. . . with homeowners, builders, contractors and municipalities to identify strategies for material reuse. With a depth of knowledge in building material recycling, we can assist you in developing a plan and strategy to green your demolition, rebuilding, and/or development project.

ReUse Action is committed to growing the Material ReUse Industry. Our Consulting division enables this growth by working directly with property owners, builders, contractors, architects and municipalities to initiate and implement effective strategies for material reuse.

We believe at the current time there are infinite possibilities for entrepreneurial growth in the reuse industry. Of course, it’s not always as easy as proclaiming you’re going to open a reuse store or dismantle houses to harvest century-old lumber. Every community, municipality and state has different challenges and different needs. Since we began our work in the material reuse field nearly ten years ago, we’ve received scores of phone calls from folks all across the country, folks with the intention of creating opportunities out of what is so often perceived as junk, trash, and waste.

The questions are far-ranging, depending on the individual who’s asking:

  • Government: Interested in how to deal with the growing vacancy issue. Vacancy and other serious housing issues are dismayingly common in many North American cities. Government officials and their advisors are often looking at the issue, interested in figuring out how they may use deconstruction and salvage as an opportunity to train their citizens, create jobs and implement a sustainable strategy for vacant structures.
  • Not-for-profit organizations: May see material reuse as an opportunity to generate revenue to expand or sustain their mission.
  • Individuals or Contractors: May be looking at material reuse as a way to develop a niche in the contracting marketplace and grow a unique new business.

Depending on the audience, there are scores of unanswered questions. We’ve talked with many people looking for answers. For some we formulated solutions and strategies, for others we’re still scratching our head and continuing our research. Regardless, the questions get us thinking, experimenting, and tinkering with action-oriented solutions for reusing materials while also serving the common good.

Here are some of the most common questions we’ve been hearing for over five years.

  • Can deconstruction and material reuse be profitable?
  • What’s the best corporate structure for a reuse organization, for-profit or not-for-profit?
  • Do we need to have a store if we’re dismantling buildings and salvaging materials?
  • How do you provide incentives for helping people reuse and recycle instead of simply dumping materials in the landfill?
  • We have an idea, we have a plan, but how do we start? Where do we start?
  • We are thinking of opening a store, how do we ensure that when we build it, people will come?
  • How much do we charge for materials in our store?
  • Should we have an inventory system at our store?
  • How do we get access to materials?
  • How did your city/state help you get started? What opportunities exist for city and state governments to support material reuse efforts?
  • How do you get training and experience dismantling buildings?
  • How much money do we need to raise before we can start?
  • MORE . . MORE . . MORE . . ???

We haven’t discovered all the answers, but we’re working our tails off to find the best techniques, ideas, and strategies to help municipalities, elected officials, community leaders, individuals, and organizations as they work to tap the economic, social, and environmental benefits of material reuse. Call us, email us, and let’s start the dialogue that will get your project up and running.

Our first priority is to grow the industry. We spend a lot of time giving back, offering suggestions, contacts, resources, information, and advice, because so many people helped us during our formative years. It’s payback time. Action Consulting can also assist in developing business plans, budgets, training sessions, marketing, and organizational development. Many of these services are fee for service, but luckily we can also help with fundraising, so give us a call.

While we have years of collective experience with material reuse, Action Consulting can help with many different kinds of efforts ranging from social justice organizing, educational, community agriculture and arts programming, innovative entrepreneurial “social enterprise” start-ups and not-for-profit organizations. We can assist in all aspects of bringing your idea to the action phase, to get the outcome you envision.

Action Consulting can work with you to develop your mission and vision, bring focus to your strategies and techniques, leverage the public support you need through successful public relations and marketing campaigns, navigate legal and political barriers, and develop a strong team to help drive your vision towards reality.

Finally, Action Consulting can assist you in greening your project or business. We can assist architects in sourcing reclaimed materials and evaluate projects to maximize opportunities for obtaining LEED credits for green building projects. As the market for recycled materials grows, we can help expand efforts to recycle larger demolition projects and identify end uses for reclaimed materials.

Many times these efforts can also offset budget expenses or at the least attract positive media attention for your project. While material reuse is the best option for the environment, we recognize that it shouldn’t be a economic barrier for your project and similarly it shouldn’t alter your construction time line. Action Consulting can get involved early in the project to assist in developing a project timeline that maximizes the reuse of materials without dramatically altering budgets or timelines.

Give us a call to learn more about our consulting services and for an initial evaluation of our project. If we can’t be of service, we’ll try to find someone else who can best assist you in achieving your goals. ReUse Action Consulting can help individuals, businesses, developers, architects, and municipalities save money, protect the environment, and create jobs through building material reuse and recycling activities.