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Coming soon . . .

The WoodshopIn a few weeks, ReUse Action will be able to process, plane and repackage all of the wood products we salvage! It has taken two months to buy tools, set up the space and get stuff in working order, but there is soon to be a functioning workshop space in the back of our storage warehouse where we can do anything from refacing of flooring to repairing furniture to building unique kitchen cabinets with a reclaimed/reused twist! Rusted Grain, the woodshop, has a super solid Berlin Machine Works cast iron planer and a jointer made in the early 20th century, Delta table saw, lathe, drill press, routers, etc.

Woodshop Floor - Tongue & Groove PineWe’re in the process of brightening up the “bat cave” by adding high efficiency lights, debricking windows, and painting with super bright colors so it’s a welcoming space. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ve heard about the wood featured on our snack shack project . . . the floor of the shop is made using the same tongue and groove flooring featured on the shack’s overhangs!

Tongue & Groove Pine FlooringWe’re just now getting into full commercial mode at Rusted Grain, so inquiries and project needs are welcome (email us at rustedgrain@reuseaction.com). As we go along, we’ll be showcasing interesting projects and relating the experiences of our apprentices as we train them in another whole range of the reused materials industry. Stay tuned for the grand opening in a few weeks!