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The “Snack” Shack

The "Snack" Shack 1As part of the push for waterfront development, ECHDC has committed to a very ambitious schedule for building and connecting waterfront pathways this summer.  ReUse Action has landed the job of building the “snack shack” along the boardwalk, a food kiosk where walkers, joggers and cyclists can all stop for a cold beverage and some tasty treats!  Yes, we’re excited about the food, but we’re more excited because the building incorporates a lot of green building and material reuse components!

Green Building Components:  The building is held together by blood, sweat and . . . SISs/SIPs! SIS stands for Structural Insulated Sheathing that goes on the exterior walls, and SIP is for Structural Insulated Panels that are on the roof.  It’s 2-in-1…structure AND insulation.  We like this product because it is easy to use in conventional construction projects, is durable, and provides some protection down at the windy waterfront. According to the manufacturer, SIS panels contain 80% post-consumer recycled content and like SIPs are manufactured under factory controlled conditions that result in a strong, energy efficient and cost effective product.

The roof is designed and has the potential for a green roof.  Green roofs in urban settings are important because they decrease the heat island effect, making both the building and the area around it much cooler in the summer.  In addition, they decrease stormwater runoff and pollutants in the air, leading to a healthier environment.

Material ReUse:  All the siding comes from a barn that some of our crew recently disassembled in Angola.  Originally it was a bunch of 2×12 hemlock, but we denailed it, remilled it, stained it and voila! Local source, reused and has character.  The overhangs are tongue and groove flooring from the same deconstruction project.

All walls and roof SIPs are up and we’re almost finished with the siding.  All should be ready for the end of June deadline, so come check it out when you’re down for the summer concert series at the Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf!

Check out photos of the project. We’ll be taking more pics and will update them as we go along.