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Featured Apprentice: Robert

Robert (left) at the opening for Rusted Grain
Robert (left) at the opening for Rusted Grain

I first met Robert several years ago, but now have had the pleasure to get to know him over the course of 15 weeks at the Hotel.  Fondly referred to as “google” by the crew, Robert is an amazing source of knowledge and meticulous to the core.  Because of his memory and his matter of fact attitude, the crew often turns to Robert to find out answers to the questions that come up in their conversations.  They also rely on him as master time keeper since both Michael and I are notorious workaholics and need to be told when it falls on break time or lunch time or end of the day time…

When asked to complete a task, Robert goes above and beyond. Robert was the backbone of the tile operation at the Hotel.  There is no one better at removing tile from impossible bathroom walls than Robert. He’s perfected the technique through trial and error and selecting the best possible tools for the job (fyi – chisel and masonry hammer should you ever need to remove/salvage tiles from a wall). 

If you need a meticulous and gentle hand for your business and are interested in hiring Robert, please contact us!

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