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Featured Apprentice: Vernon – Seeking Employment Opportunities

We’ve had three months of wrestling tubs, delicately sorting tiles and holding up traffic as we carted materials out of the building on a pallet jack, and now our time is finally ending at the Lafayette Hotel.  We’ve also reached the end of nine weeks with our current apprentice group, and while it’s sad we’ll no longer see them everyday, we’re happy they’re moving on in pursuit of full time employment.

Since the very beginning when we took on our first apprentice group from the Outsource Center, part of our commitment to our apprentices has been to do everything in our power to find them full time employment, whether it be hiring Cliff as a full time ReUse Action employee, finding other jobs in the construction fields or something totally unrelated.  We’ll be featuring one apprentice everyday for the next week or so in hopes we can get them hired! So we’re asking again, if you know of anyone hiring for entry level, low-skill labor or you’re interested in hiring one of the apprentices we feature on our blog, please get in contact with us ASAP.


Featured Apprentice: Vernon - Seeking Employment Opportunities 1
Vern holdin' up the wall at the "snack" shack
When I hear an affirming “thank ya” and an accompanying jovial laugh as I walk down one of Lafayette’s many hallways searching for the Action crew, I have to smile.  Michael may have perfected the “thank ya,” but the voice that so often utters that phrase and the accompanying agreeable attitude belongs to one of our apprentices, Vernon.  Vern is about as positive and amiable as one can get.  In the time I’ve worked with him, never have I heard Vern swear, yell or get angry.

He’s always the first to move on a task, he always comes in for work on Saturdays and stays late to finish moving the last pallet of the day.  Though the guys jokingly call the smallest apprentice on the crew, Darell, “superman,” I think the title just might be more appropriate for Vern.  He’s the lynch pin, providing that last umph of effort to push a tub over on its side. Without Vern, moving tubs on days when Michael or Brandon are not around would be a joke.

Like many of the other apprentices we work with, Vern is a father.  Both of his kids (one son, one daughter) are over the age of 18, but he feels he has a responsibility to them and to himself to have a stable full time job and be in a position to support his family should the need arise.  When asked what skills he’d like to acquire, Vern enthusiastically answered “a little bit of everything,” though he’s expressed an interest specifically in the electrician’s trade.

If you or someone you know is looking for an employee who’s consistent and enthusiastic . . . please contact Michael and ask to know more about our apprentice Vernon.