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Workshop: making wooden bottle openers

Kids are reading less, people use e-books more, and libraries are scrambling for what to do about it.  One common solution is to close libraries and get rid of books (sound familiar Buffalo?).   Instead, one library in British Columbia is changing the way we think about libraries; they have a collection of “living books,” local experts, who have volunteered to share their knowledge on specific subjects.  Want to know about the history of the circus? Want to learn a certain painting technique?  “Check out” a living expert that will meet with you to discuss your topic of interest!  Libraries remain a center of knowledge but are recognizing living people can be just as an effective source of knowledge as books and encyclopedias.

That people are a great resource and a way to learn new skills is certainly proved true in the building trades.  Through our apprenticeships and workshops,  we hope to become those “living books” on reuse that are a resource to WNY and the country.

Speaking of workshops, we will be having a free workshop in two weeks:

Make your own bottle opener

Sept 14th, 7-9pm

@ Action HQ (1212 Jefferson)

Use all reclaimed materials and some old nails and hone your skills on the band saw.  We are using people knowledge to share skills…would you like to check us out of the reuse library?