Now Open Tuesday, FRIDAY and Saturday, 9am to 4pm!

Harvesting the City!

This past Sunday was the first in a series of events, exploring with the Rusted Grain/ReUse Action crew and learning how to use our city as a materials resource.  Five trucks gathered in front of Action HQ on Sunday and headed off to the Fillmore district to harvest the treasures to be had as a result of Bulk Trash Day. Bulk Trash Day happens in each council district once every spring and once every fall.  A homeowner is allowed to discard as much as they can in a 12′ long x 4′ wide x 4′ high pile on the sidewalk … Read more

ReUsing Lath

Michael recently got an inquiry about sourcing wood lath, the thin strips of pine that form a substrate for an old-fashioned plaster wall. The inquirer was planning to use lath as a wall covering material in a commercial bathroom. Interesting . . . we recycle tons of lath in each house we dismantle and haven’t seen much reuse potential in the material. And here’s another use of wood lath, courtesy of Fine Woodworking magazine in their story about a contest run by the New Orleans ReUse organization “Green Project”. The table’s creator, Robert Portman, was dismayed at the waste of … Read more

Buy online!

The Green Demo crew brings more and more reclaimed materials into Action HQ everyday.  The question becomes, what will we do with it? Do we reuse it as is? Can we salvage the good parts?  Or better yet, lets get our creative juices flowing and make new items from old stuff! We are now selling our creations online.  Included in every purchase is a short introduction to the woodworker or artist who made the piece along with a story of where the material used came from.  Below are some first examples, but keep your eyes peeled and check the website … Read more

Selling @ Roswell Market!

We are now selling goods made in our woodshop at the Roswell farmer’s market.  Wednesdays 11-2pm, in the park off of Oak St.  It’s a small market, but with so much diversity of goods!  Come check us out and chat with us about our green demo services and our fully stocked woodshop.