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Cool ReUse: Doors as Drywall

Cool ReUse: Doors as Drywall 1
Doors on the ceiling

The style in our friend Dennis’s house is, let’s say . . . anti-drywall.  Old dresser drawers cover one wall of his house and act as both the finished wall and shelving units.  Another wall is covered with old, wooden organ pieces.  No wall is the same, and none use drywall.  We think it’s pretty cool stuff.

So when Dennis came to us to help with his newest idea of doors serving the place of drywall, we said ummmm . . . . YES! Hollow core doors were purchased for roughly $10/door and were screwed in with joints alternating for a cool, unique look!

Cool ReUse: Doors as Drywall 2
Captain's ladder to second floor

How does this compare in cost to drywall?  While two sheets of drywall win in upfront cost (less than $10 for two sheets at Neimeic’s, Home Depot, etc), the doors make up for that in ease of installation.  No taping, mudding, sanding, painting.  That cuts out labor and extra material costs, so we think it’s an even trade!  Simple, elegant . . . reuse at its best.

In addition to the door ceiling we installed, we also finished the t+g flooring upstairs and our woodshop built a captain’s ladder to lead from the second floor to the attic out of reclaimed 2×8 stock salvaged from a house demolition project in South Buffalo.  If you like what you see and would be interested in having a door wall or ceiling yourself…please contact usMore pictures to be posted on our flickr site soon enough.