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Character AND Quality, you can have both!

Character AND Quality, you can have both! 1The intrinsic quality of reclaimed materials is the eye catching element of our customized cabinets and furniture!   We can’t typically compete with IKEA on price, but our products offer unparalleled aesthetics, durability that will ensure your piece will endure for years, and a unique story of reclamation and renewal.

We are pleased to introduce the newest member of our Action HQ team.  Having recently arrived in Buffalo, Trevor Corp is eager to put his skills into action, check out examples of his work here … http://www.trevorcorp.com .  His contemporary skills, combined with his passion for reclaimed materials, create a tremendous skill set that will expand our capacity at Rusted Grain. 

If you’d like to commission a unique piece of furniture or design a utilitarian set of kitchen or bathroom cabinets, give us a call and our team will go to work to propose ideas, concept designs, and products that can meet your project needs.

Contact Megan at the shop today! {megan} at {rustedgrain} dot {com}  We welcome Trevor to Buffalo and to Rusted Grain and we’re confident that you will agree that quality, character, and unique materials are the best choice for your next home project.