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We ENVISION a shared, community-focused, artisan center.

A few months ago, we published the post below on our blog and facebook page…we are actively looking for artisans, skilled tradepeople, and artists that are looking for shared work We ENVISION a shared, community-focused, artisan center. 1space. We are working on a community focused artisan space that provides services to the surrounding neighborhoods and city at large…We are currently negotiating the purchase of a building in MidCity Buffalo, not far from ArtSpace and Main Street…
Some IDEAL tenants, entrepreneurs, artisans might provide the following services….
–window restoration/repair, stain glass.
–lighting restoration, polishing, rewiring, repair
–bicycle repair
–appliance repair
–small engines repair/restoration…
–furniture refinishing/restoration/reupholstering
–blacksmithing artist/welder
–furniture maker/woodworker (we have one of these folks committed, but others are welcome)…
–a glass blower??? weaver??? or any other artist, entrepreneur that would benefit from an affordable community workspace…this would be an excellent place to get inspiration from others, incubate your business part time or on the weekends, share your skills through workshops/trainings, and/or have a space to exhibit sell your products/services.

Please forward to anyone you know that maybe interested…or contact, reuseaction@gmail.com or 716-949-0900.

We Envision a Shared Workshop and Artisan Center!
Do you build sculptures out of bicycle parts? Repair appliances? Fabricate stain glass windows? Repair and restore doors and windows? Blow glass? Fix small engines?

Action HQ, located on Buffalo’s East Side, is seeking craftspeople, artisans, artists, and creative folks in need of a workshop and/or workspace. We are looking at a building that is approximately 25,000 square feet that could house a variety of individual workshop spaces, shared workshop equipment, and potentially a retail component. If you have an idea for a small business that requires a workshop space, OR you run a part-time business fixing computers and need a site for conducting business, OR you want to offer a new service to a community that would benefit from a folks that do things that keep the world running, instead of buying something new from Target, OR you build artistic creations that don’t fit in a house…let’s talk! This building will be available in the coming month and we would love to identify an initial team of folks that are eager to work towards a collaborative space for people that DO things, better yet DO things that service or provide a service to the community, or EVEN provide educational opportunities through their work for people from the community and people from afar. All ideas are on the table, we just need people that have an interest and passion in DOING, that are community-minded, and that have a skill to share that will provide a SERVICE. Contact Michael at reuseaction@gmail.com or call 716-949-0900. We are just in the beginning phases of drafting an “ACTION” plan that would result in the purchase and conversion of a soon to be available building into a new community asset. Send me an email describing your vision and maybe we can grab a coffee to discuss…