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Mirror, Mirror, on the (Curb?)

Old Mirror
Photo by Mike McCaffry via flickr
We need mirrors! The funkier the better – in fact, we’ve found the very best mirrors are found on the curb, across the city, abandoned by their ungrateful owners. Rusted Grain crafters have been making lots and lots of picture frames and we want to add some mirror excitement to some of them.

We’re calling on our ReUse Explorers to spot curbside mirrors and grab them for us. We’ve found you can’t hesitate, you need to pull over quickly & safely and load up with free mirror!

FrameWe’ll take pretty much anything, but if the glass is broken, only take it if the pieces are big and you can handle the sharp edges safely. The older and funkier the better – shiny, smooth, unblemished mirrors kind of don’t fit in with the Rusted Grain reclaimed look.

If you can’t grab the mirror, send a text to the ReUse Action Hotline at 716-949-0900 with the location of your find. You can also email us at info@reuseaction.com or add a post or send a message on our Facebook page. If you can’t bring the mirror over to Northampton Street, just give us a call and we’ll pick it up.