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Reclaimed and Surplus Rigid Foam Insulation – SAVE MONEY!

PIC Foam InsulationUsed/reclaimed and brand new factory second (but very usable) PolyIsoCyanurate (PIC) rigid foam sheet insulation.

Brand new factory seconds of foil faced, PolyIso insulation, straight from the manufacturer.

Material just landed and we have lots available at our warehouse.

Quantities and prices:

3″ PolyIso/Closed Cell Foam rigid foam sheets is available RIGHT NOW. 4’x8′ sheets. r18 (r6/inch). Black craft paper facing. $25/sheet. This material is great for roofs, walls, pole buildings, barns, crawlspaces.

1.5″ PolyIso/Closed Cell Foam Rigid sheets. 4’x8′. r12. Black craft paper facing. Super clean, like new. $13/sheet.

1.25″ Foil Faced (one side). 4’x8′. r7.5. Very nice sheets. $10/each.

Also, BRAND NEW FOIL FACED factory seconds available right now. Prices as follows.

1.5″ Foil Faced Poly Iso. 4×8 sheets. $17.50

2″ Foil Faced Poly Iso. 4×8 sheets. $22.50

2.5″ Foil faced Poly Iso. 4×8 sheets. $27.50

We are here all day Saturday for pickup, 9am – 4pm at 980 Northampton Street, Buffalo, NY 14211.

If you can’t come Saturday, you can call for a weekday evening appointment.

Compare and you’ll be saving $11 – $25/sheet!


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