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Building out the Art/Artisan Center

Sharing spaces and creative ideas…this is what we envision in our warehouse space. On Thursday afternoon, with help from several volunteers and Rusted Grain ladies, we started construction on the temporary “office space!” Housed in this space will be offices for ReUse Action, Rusted Grain, a yoga instructor and hopefully more!  Shared office space is VERY AFFORDABLE.  So if you are in need of office space and would like a space where you can share your frustrations and successes of running a small business…please contact us!  info@reuseaction.com    

A Community of Doers, Part I – Are you a bicycle entrepreneur?

So, a month or two ago, we posted about our vision for an artisan center on the East Side of Buffalo.  Well we’re excited that our vision is beginning to take shape…we have lots of ideas and lots of hopes for our humble little warehouse located at 298 Northampton Street. Over the next few weeks, we’re gonna share with you some ideas we’ve had about “dream tenants” . . . entrepreneurs, artists, artisans . . . who provide a service to the community and/or are interested in a community art space.  The focus is really on creating and doing. So … Read more