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Building out the Art/Artisan Center

Sharing spaces and creative ideas…this is what we envision in our warehouse space. On Thursday afternoon, with help from several volunteers and Rusted Grain ladies, we started construction on the temporary “office space!” Housed in this space will be offices for ReUse Action, Rusted Grain, a yoga instructor and hopefully more!  Shared office space is VERY AFFORDABLE.  So if you are in need of office space and would like a space where you can share your frustrations and successes of running a small business…please contact us!  info@reuseaction.com    

People ask us . . . Why Do You Do What You Do?

From our About page: Question: People ask us . . . Why Do You Do What You Do? (WDYDWYD?) Answer 1: Jobs! We’re committed to creating local and green jobs for the Buffalo community. More importantly, we feel these jobs should leverage the waste in our society to create opportunity. We’re interested in a critical analysis of our economy to identify wasteful business practices that damage our communities and our environment, and opportunities that exist for new ventures. We’re determined to find solutions and to implement alternatives that put people to work. Answer 2: Innovation! As we look at the … Read more

mining for ideas in TO…

So there’s nothing like a visit to Toronto to stimulate your brain cells and get the ideas flowing.  As I walked through an area called the Junction on Dundas Street in Toronto, I started thinking about the power and potential of entrepreneurship as an economic booster in Buffalo.  Not just plain old profit driven business, but entrepreneurship embraces people and place.   Entrepreneurship that doesn’t just take and consume, but that gives back.  Business that creates a net positive impact for its workers, the environment, and the community in which it operates.  This is what we’re thinking of when we use … Read more