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Featured Apprentice: Naya

Like gardening and weeding, de-tiling and sorting tiles are some of the best ways to get to know someone because of the hours spent with a repetitive task in good company.  Naya and I first bonded while sitting in a room sorting tiles as she told me her experiences as a black woman in construction.  Like Iris from our last group of apprentices (who just got a job at the snack shack, hooray!), Naya is the only woman in the current group. When I asked her why she was in construction and what she wanted to get out of it, … Read more

Opening Party at Rusted Grain!

About fifty ReUse Action and Rusted Grain friends and supporters turned out Thursday evening to kick off Buffalo’s newest woodshop, and one of the few who specialize in reusing materials. Here are some photos: See more photos of Rusted Grain’s opening party here.

Thursday grand opening!

Many replied they were sorry to have missed it, thinking the celebration was this past week. Well you didn’t miss a thing! ITS THIS THURSDAY! Come celebrate the opening of Rusted Grain and hear about all the awesome stuff ReUse Action has been a part of recently. July 21, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, 1212 Jefferson (big garage door in front).

Official Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at RustedGrain July 21!

The official ribbon cutting ceremony for RustedGrain (my woodshop)at Action HQs (1212 Jefferson) is next Thursday July 21st from 6-730pm. I would love if any or all of you could attend. It is not completely 100% set up, but work can be completed there . . . so why wait 20 years to hold an opening celebration when we can celebrate now?? Come celebrate and hear about all the exciting services RustedGrain and ReUse Action have to offer! I’d appreciate if you could RSVP – just send an email to rustedgrain@reuseaction.com, go to our contact page or if you’re a … Read more

Women in the trades

Working in an industry where females comprise only 3% of the workforce can be rough, especially in a blue-collar town like Buffalo.  I see behavior and overhear conversations everyday that show me society’s stereotypical female and male roles are very much alive and kicking. Yelled from below while reroofing my aunt’s porch: “All women crew?  Where’s your man to do that?” From a foreman on another crew: “A girl in charge today?  You’re too pretty to get dirty!  You should be in a nice office somewhere, not here supervising dirty boys! This is 2011.  And yet, as a woman in … Read more