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We Reclaim Rigid Foam Insulation From Flat Roofs

We Can Help You Save Money

ReUse Action can reduce your disposal costs by diverting reusable rigid foam insulation from flat roof projects.

We recycle PolyIso, EPS and XPS to keep salvageable/ reusable material out of the landfill. Typically, the best materials for reclamation and reuse are either on ballast roofs or mechanically fastened roofs.

This collaboration would save you money on disposal and hauling costs, and it would help our company in sourcing locally reclaimed, quality materials for our customers.

How We Do It

Our roofing collaborators typically stack reusable material on dunnage/skids onsite, until there’s a full load available and then we mobilize a truck for pickup. There’s also an option of dropping an enclosed van trailer on site and rotating when it’s full.

We look forward to working with you on your commercial projects. When you’re close to a removal date on one of your projects, we’re happy to connect with your onsite super and coordinate logistics.

Please call or text Michael Gainer at 716-949-0900 or email him at michael@reuseaction.com.