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reclaiming the queen city: chapter 1

So a big part of our work at ReUse Action will focus on designing and creating spaces that feature and incorporate both existing components and reclaimed materials.  This is the first chapter in a series of projects that will feature the creative use of reclaimed materials.  Some will be the featured projects of ReUse Action, others the design and invention of other reclaimed folks here in the Queen City, and some will be featured projects from far away lands.  We hope you will find these projects interesting.  Maybe you’ll learn something that you can incorporate into one of your own DIY  projects.

This year, ReUse Action will be supporting clients throughout WNY on unique projects just like these, if you have an idea and would like to discuss with us, give us a ring.  If you know others that are engaged in home improvement projects or have plans for the coming years, please share our blog.  We appreciate your support in helping others to reuse materials and preserve our unique architectural character here in the City.

So on with the chapter 1…   Komani Lundquist lives in an awesome brick Italianate built around 1835, on the lower west side of Buffalo.  She financed the purchase with a rehabilitation loan from NACA .  In fact, I lived at 102 Prospect when I first moved to Buffalo, NY.  I later installed a new roof complete with Yankee Gutters throughout and just recently we finished her third floor rehabilitation, featuring reclaimed materials and existing restoration.

The kitchen is almost entirely reused materials.  Cabinets were purchased from Buffalo ReUse and accented with new hardware.  The kitchen counter top and kitchen peninsula bar, were crafted from salvaged bowling alley.  Other features include a reclaimed stainless sink, antique wainscoting, salvaged access doors, and beautifully refinished pine floors.

reclaiming the queen city: chapter 1 1

Kitchens are high use spaces, so it’s important that they be both visually appealing and durable.  One of the biggest challenges with kitchens and cabinets is the expense.  Komani saved a lot of money using reused cabinets.  She gave them a unique look by upgrading the hardware and choosing quality paint products that add a fresh appearance to the cabinets.

reclaiming the queen city: chapter 1 2

Working on this kitchen reminded me of the kitchen I designed and built for my parents in Erie, PA.  I believe my mothers first estimate for new cabinets exceeded $30K.  At the time, we were just getting Buffalo ReUse rolling, but I tipped her off to just take a looksie at the Erie Daily Times and see what was in the classified for used kitchens.  They totally scored and found a gorgeous hickory cabinet set that they acquired for $1800.  After completing our kitchen design we determined we were one cabinet shy of what we needed for the breakfast bar.  We contacted the original manufacturer of the cabinets (luckily still in business) and ordered a complementary unit that fit right in.  So at the end of the day, mom got new kitchen with a great new look.  And for me, I got the wonderful pleasure of weekend trips to Erie to get them all installed.

Buffalo ReUse is having a big sale right now, check them out!  You’re sure to find some big deals for your upcoming project.

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