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Featured Apprentice: Marcus

Marcus (right) at opening for Rusted Grain
Marcus (right) at opening for Rusted Grain

Our final feature on our most recent class of apprentices…

Marcus is the younger brother of Cliff, one of ReUse Action’s full time employees.  Marcus came to us late, having worked a few weeks as an apprentice for Empire Building Diagnostics, the demolition group doing work on the upper floors of the hotel, but we’ve gotten to know him well.

In the past 5+ years, Marcus has been through a lot—Hurricane Katrina wiped out all that was familiar, his child was born, he moved to Buffalo, etc. On many occasions he’s expressed his interest in finding a stable lifestyle, atmosphere and job and has been actively working towards job readiness.  Like Naya, Marcus admits the problems he’s faced in life have made him stronger and more prepared to be placed in a full time employment position in whatever career path he chooses.

Of the many qualities that Marcus possesses—other than his silly performance of “W,w,w,w,wipe out” while surfing on the door cart—I appreciate most his willingness to continue on.  Many times when we have been running past the end of the official work day and are desperately trying to wrap up the day, Marcus will stay later and help out.

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