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Harvesting Our City

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the way ReUse Action acquires materials in Buffalo through green demos and salvage jobs and have come to the conclusion that what we are doing is much like mining for coal, only better.  What we are essentially doing is a more sustainable form of mining, in cities.  We are learning to use our city as an incredible and harvestable resource!  Harvesting material that is destined for a landfill, learning how to process it, reuse it and resell it.   We are “a community of tradesmen and women, artists, designers, and community members…” changing the definition of the demolition and building industries.  And we are also learners and educators in this amazing process, excited to hear about new ideas and to share our experiences.  Part of ReUse Action is and always will be about education…knowledge sharing about the material reuse industry, training folks to work in green demolition and building, working with homeowners and DIYers to give them skills to try on their own homes and with their own green build projects.

I’m excited to say that as part of creating a network of information about using cities as a material resource, Rusted Grain is hosting the first of many “how to” workshops on woodworking and material reuse. Though this first workshop is not necessarily addressing material reuse, it is a precursor to anyone wanting to experiment more with material reuse…and that is tool sharpening and maintenance!  We all know how those hidden nails in salvaged wood can put a nick in your best chisel…

Tomorrow @ Action HQ:

Chisel Sharpening!

1212 Jefferson


If you’re just getting into tool maintenance, we’ll share what we know, but if you’re an expert we’d love to hear about your experiences as well!  Bring your own tools, or practice sharpening on ours.  Contact Megan @ 912-5529 if you need directions.