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Action Hoodies!

We’ve finally admitted…it’s getting cold.  Working outside all day or in a cold warehouse, we admit that the ReUse Action t-shirts simply do not cut it anymore.  We need something WARM and COZY! Voila!  Our desire for warm clothes has been heard.  Say hello to the the super-cool ReUse Action HOODIES!  Doesn’t it just look so fabulous on our friend Nora?  Email Michael@reuseaction.com to put in a request for a hoodie today!  $15/sweatshirt, please specify size (Medium fits most small to medium size gals, so men…order L or XL…)  

Cool ReUse: Doors as Drywall

The style in our friend Dennis’s house is, let’s say . . . anti-drywall.  Old dresser drawers cover one wall of his house and act as both the finished wall and shelving units.  Another wall is covered with old, wooden organ pieces.  No wall is the same, and none use drywall.  We think it’s pretty cool stuff. So when Dennis came to us to help with his newest idea of doors serving the place of drywall, we said ummmm . . . . YES! Hollow core doors were purchased for roughly $10/door and were screwed in with joints alternating for … Read more

Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Day October 22 in Buffalo

Sponsored by Erie County and the City of Buffalo at Honeywell Specialty Materials 20 Peabody Street, Buffalo NY (off Elk Street, near Smith Street exit off I-190) Saturday, October 22, 2011 9am to 2pm Items which can be brought to the site for free, proper disposal include: Pesticides, fertilizers, pool and household chemicals and cleaners – limit 2 gallons or 20 lbs. Oil-based paints, spray cans – limit 10 gallons Oil, gasoline, kerosene, antifreeze – limit 10 gallons Paint thinner, stripper and solvents – limit 2 gallons Batteries – lead acid and rechargeable Mercury – thermometers, thermostats, metal Propane tanks … Read more

The waterfront story continues…

As the summer ends and winter approaches, we finished the final touches on the waterfront food kiosk “Clinton’s Dish.”  We boarded her up for the season, installing beautiful storm shutters that were made in the Rusted Grain woodshop at Action HQ!  Like the siding, our materials for the storms were locally sourced: yellow pine flooring that was salvaged by the Green Demo Team during a green demolition project taking place in South Buffalo.  The aged boards were refaced and stained, becoming an awesome addition to the local flavor of Buffalo’s newest waterfront building.  Speaking of flavor…can’t wait ’til they come … Read more

Find of the Week: Sept 29th

As usual, the Green Demo Team brought in some pretty neat stuff this past week.  The crew is working on a barn deconstruction in Lockport and all voted that the old wagon that was salvaged was by far the best find.  The barn doors were awesome, the antique hooks beautiful, but the wagon surpasses all because it is so simply built, yet elegant and strong.  Thought we’d share it with our readers to enjoy!