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[2011-07] Curved Oak Pews from Black Rock Church

Intrepid salvage spotter Mary Fisher, of Environmental Education Associates, gave us the lead on these fine oak pews from an Austin Street church: More photos here: ReUse Action Flickr set. We’ll be selling these at $50 a running foot. We have eight and ten foot sections – some of these combine to make longer pieces. Mary is the ReUse Explorer of the Month! For her sharp eyes and quick response, she gets our gratitude and a $25 gift certificate from one of our favorite restaurants, Merge.

Character AND Quality, you can have both!

The intrinsic quality of reclaimed materials is the eye catching element of our customized cabinets and furniture!   We can’t typically compete with IKEA on price, but our products offer unparalleled aesthetics, durability that will ensure your piece will endure for years, and a unique story of reclamation and renewal. We are pleased to introduce the newest member of our Action HQ team.  Having recently arrived in Buffalo, Trevor Corp is eager to put his skills into action, check out examples of his work here … http://www.trevorcorp.com .  His contemporary skills, combined with his passion for reclaimed materials, create a tremendous … Read more

What a Successful Organizer-making Workshop!

Last Tuesday night we had 12 people attend the How to Make Your Own Organizer workshop at Action HQ in the Rusted Grain woodshop.  Each participant made an “organizer” out of wood scraps and old dresser drawers that we taken from trash piles at the side of the road.  It amazed us how varied and creative each organizer turned out.  Take a look at the example below! Jeanenne made a spice rack for her kitchen.  Ikea made a knick-knack holder.  Cayla and Emmanuel made a small bookshelf.  To see more pictures of the workshop, click here.  If you like what … Read more

[2011-05] Rustic Barn Doors (from Lockport NY demolition)

[2011-05] Barn DoorsVarious old rolling doors from an 1880s barn in Lockport, New York. These are pine, tongue and groove. Sizes (width x height, within 1/2 inch): 54×81, 38×90, 33×86, 36×91, 39×83, 32×50 (2). Most have rollers and are meant to be installed with a wooden site-built rail (which we can build for you); one is for a metal rail, included.

The old look, natural wear and tear and authentic hardware can’t be duplicated with modern materials.

Prices: $250 to $400 each; two smallest doors $50 each.

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More photos:

Read more[2011-05] Rustic Barn Doors (from Lockport NY demolition)

Tuesday 12/13: Make Your Own Organizer

Using old dresser drawers, plywood and wood scraps, the ladies in the woodshop will be conducting a class on how to make your own storage unit/organizer.  A perfect holiday gift or to help aid in your New Year’s resolution of being neat and tidy.  There will be a few designs to choose from.  Workshop is free, donations accepted.  RSVP is greatly appreciated as we will be pre-cutting some pieces in preparation for the workshop.  Full details: Action HQ (1212 Jefferson) 6pm-9pm Note: The woodshop is NOT HEATED (yet).  Please bring extra layers. We will provide the tea and hot chocolate! … Read more

Selling @ Queen City Market-THIS SATURDAY

The staff of Rusted Grain/ReUse Action will be selling at Buffalo First’s Queen City Market THIS SATURDAY.  We will be selling vases, bottle openers, spoons, organizers, etc made out of wood scraps and reclaimed wood.  Buy some things for your friends, some for yourself, or talk to us about what we do! Saturday December 10th 11am-6pm Karpeles Manuscript Museum 453 Porter Ave