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Don’t Buy New, ReDo!

With this article, we’re announcing the latest ReUse Action service: Wood Window Rehabilitation.

We can give free estimates and do whole house restoration of wood windows. Before you buy new, give ReUse Action a try. Call us today for an evaluation of your project.

Stay tuned for more articles on energy-saving renovations.

ReUse Action can help you make your home warmer this winter, while still retaining all the character of the “old-fashioned” double hung sashes that came with your house when it was built.

Most Buffalo homes were equipped with wooden (usually pine) double hung sash windows. These can be quite weather-tight when maintained properly, but few windows have been maintained at all. Painters slap coat after coat of paint, sash cords break, weather stripping deteriorates, glass breaks, glazing disintegrates. You end up with loose, drafty, poorly-functioning windows.

All these problems can be fixed. You’ll have good-looking, weather-tight, non-drafty windows that open at both top and bottom (better ventilation in the summer).

Trevor recently rehabilitated the windows in his home. Here’s his report, with photos:

“The process was to remove sash, strip all paint/glaze from sash and jamb, prime, re-glaze, replace all sash cord/chain, remove old shellac and refinish, paint exterior, install weatherstrip, new parting strip, lubricate pulleys, and paraffin slide pockets in jambs. I used a bronze spring strip (like you would find on doors), it worked great. Weatherstripped top and bottom with bulb gaskets and meeting rails between sash with an adhesive strip. They are tight and work wonderful. Best of all they retain the character of the house.”

If you’d like some help along these lines, give us a call.

Jamb before rehab. Lots of paint, broken sash chains, no weatherstripping, glazing and exterior paint deteriorated. Work to be done!
Sash before rehab
Sash before rehab. The paint and glaze both need to be removed and replaced.
Sash stripped
Sash stripped. Remove the old paint, fill holes with spackle. Ready to re-glaze.
Sash glazed and primed
Sash glazed and primed. Ready to paint when it's dry.
Leaded glass rebuilt
Leaded glass rebuilt. The upper sash was glazed with a leaded glass panel.
Jamb primed
Jamb primed. The door to the sash weight pocket is taken off so the weight can be re-hung.
Window with spring brass weatherstrip
Window with spring brass weatherstrip. This thin piece of metal, installed between the sash and the jamb, will keep out drafts.
Window completed
Window completed. Good as new, still showing patina and other good signs of age. Weights hung, shellac finish removed and redone, weatherstrip installed, a little paraffin to make things slide easier.
Window completed
Window completed - better than vinyl in so many ways.