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ReCycle Your Kitchen . . . and we’ll take all the debris too!

Between Christmas and NReCycle Your Kitchen . . . and we'll take all the debris too! 1ew Years ReUse Action took on a kitchen demolition for the Phillips Family on Lafayette in the City of Buffalo.  Kitchens are one of the most specialized and individualized rooms in a house.  Often the kitchen is the first room to be renovated by new home owners, because of the diverse tastes of folks and because they’re such high use areas.  So, lots of cabinets get removed and many end up on the curb and in the waste stream.

Brandon and I, with the determined support of the homeowner, took on the task!  We carefully removed all the cabinets – they’re now being reused in the Mind and Body Salon, soon to open on Main Street next to the Vault.  After the removal of the cabinets, we removed all the plaster and lath, insulation, and gave the room a complete gut and clean prior to the installation of new cabinets.  ReCycle Your Kitchen . . . and we'll take all the debris too! 2

ReUse Action’s Kitchen Demolition and Cabinet Recycling Service is an affordable option for the Do-It-Yourself family or in advance of contracted services and you can be sure we’ll recycle and reuse every material possible.

Give us a call for a free evaluation and estimate – 716-894-3366!  If you know you have a kitchen renovation coming up, or you have a friend who just bought a house, pass along our digits, we’d love the opportunity to not only recycle the old cabinets, but also design and build new cabinets that offer a new and unique look.  Rusted Grain’s shop is moving into high gear for 2012!  Help us spread the word.

Top photo by Kevin Hayes, bottom photo by Michael Gainer, All Rights Reserved by the photographer.