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Saving the Country Club!

ReUse Action’s Restoration crew began a project to save this “Country Club”, built in the 80’s and greatly in danger of being lost.  The building boasts huge timbers and locally milled hemlock lumber. Unfortunately, years of neglect has resulted in severe deterioration to the southwest wall. It’s our hope the new owner will be able to provide the necessary push to get this building to the point where it can be utilized and appreciated for years to come.

Here are some initial photosSaving the Country Club! 1 of the building it was found Friday.

The top photo shows the building, completely finished with locally milled hemlock. The picture below shows the southwest Wall and the beating it has sustained from the elements, combined with years of neglect.

Day 1 was predominantly spent jacking and shoring the second floor which had nearly collapsed due to the deterioration of the wall.; We jacked the southwest corner nearly a foot to return it to level.

The structure has been shored and stabilized. On Day 2, we will demolish the remainder of the southwest wall and begin rebuilding.

Saving the Country Club! 2

Stay tuned to the progress of this unique structure.  ReUse Action’s restoration and rehabilitation team is estimating projects for 2012. We have several barns in the hopper, once we get this Ski Lodge back on the recovery path. Call us at 716-884-3366 (DEMO). If the building is too far gone our demolition team can give you a quote with the emphasis on saving as many materials as possible for reuse.

Saving the Country Club! 3