Western New York's Largest Supplier of Reclaimed & Surplus Building Material

We talk, then walk…

In 2007, when the city was struggling with a vacancy problem and the Mayor declared his visionary 10 in 10 plan to demolish 10,000 houses in 10 years, we envisioned something different.

Our Dream

We believed there was a better option for neighborhoods! So we created Buffalo ReUse, a neighborhood recycling effort to dismantle buildings and funnel reusable materials to a community store. The community rallied behind the idea, they supported the cause, they donated and shopped and worked to improve neighborhoods through our many service projects, tree plantings, and community gardens.

A Bigger Dream

In 2010, we dreamed even bigger. As the City changed, we observed widening disparities. Young men and woman in need of an opportunity, homeowners in need of a consistent source of quality renovation materials, and a planet in need of innovative strategies to reduce waste.

From that dream, ReUse Action emerged to start addressing problems, by putting feet to the pavement, and turning ideas into action! For five years, ACTION has been at the center of our efforts. We dream, we strategize, we plan, and then we do.

Close the Opportunity gap

Since 2010, we’ve trained scores of young people in the City, closing the opportunity gap, and helping them see what’s possible and what they can attain through hard work, consistent effort, and personal focus. In 2016, we’ll formalize this program and create more opportunities for young adults to take action in their own lives and create a new direction for their future.

Leading the Nation in Green Demolition

ReUse Action has also become a nationwide leader in the most innovative techniques of green demolition and deconstruction. From the massive salvage of historic materials at Hotel Lafayette downtown to an entire neighborhood dismantlement for SUNY ESF, we have been evolving and improving our techniques to save more material from the landfill, at a faster rate!

Our Store

And NOW, back by popular demand, we have a low cost building supply store that offers regular hours to the public, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 9am to 4pm. Our inventory is constantly growing, we perform custom milling and fabrication to supply our customers with unique products and finishes they can’t find anywhere else, and our team is making some interesting new products that bring that special touch to any interior project. Finally, a reuse store that offers old and new, accessible to the public, affordable with great customer service, and an outlet for materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Mother nature smiles and so will you.
Come see us! Support our work and stay tuned for more opportunities to get involved.
We thank you, Buffalo!
The ReUse Action Team


Our Biggest Challenge . . .

is securing good quality, reusable materials BEFORE they end up on the curb and on a one-way trip to the dump. Our friends and supporters in the community make a steady stream of emails and phone calls to us, alerting us to opportunities to put materials back to work. Our staff is fast and efficient – they respond quickly to efficiently remove, pickup, display and sell useful products, completing a cycle that too often leads to the landfill.

Can You Help?

We’re asking you to help out if you can. If you have reusable materials or know of others who do, please let us know. If you see or hear of
individuals or businesses who have materials they’d like to get rid of, please give us a call – details HERE.

ReUse Action on the Radio

Our organization is 100% about making connections and building relationships! We’re proud to support WBFO, Buffalo’s NPR affiliate. Our sponsorship of public radio helps more people learn about their options for reusing and recycling building materials. We find when people know they have an option for recycling they’re happy to make the call. Click here to hear the audio spot.

Please Share

We hope you’ll share this message with people you know. Contractors, developers, homeowners, property managers, small and large businesses have materials that otherwise will be removed, demolished, dumped or destroyed.
We need your help to put more people and material to work in the community. We need your support so others will understand they have options. We’re fast, efficient and we want to help. Check out our website at www.reuseaction.com, call our store at 716-894-3366, or stop by 980 Northampton Street for a visit any Tuesday, Friday or Saturday from 9am-4pm.
We’re excited to have your help and support putting people and materials back to work in our community!

PPS: We’ve revamped our website to make it easier for visitors to find their way to the most useful pages – please take a look:

ReUse Action