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Summer Projects

The engine behind our efforts has always been our Green Demolition Services. By implementing advanced strategies pioneered by David Bennink of ReUse Consulting, our team has been able to remove buildings more efficiently, with higher landfill diversion rates, and more safely than we could have ever done them before. Our roster of dismantled structures, residential and commercial, is over 200 and steadily growing.

This efficiency has opened doors to new projects and exciting opportunities.

This Summer, our schedule is packed full of fascinating projects. Projects that enable us to reuse entire structures, divert semi-loads of materials, and expand the scope of what’s possible in the field of building reuse.

This week we’re working in Canandaigua, New York dismantling an early 20th century railroad freight depot. After four days of work, our crew of three has removed all of the roof structure, all of the trusses, all of the eave brackets, and we’ve cataloged and labeled the entire building.

We’ll sell this building as a set and upon reassembly it will be an extraordinary example of the potential of reuse. Details here (Craigslist ad).

Gym Floor & Bleachers
Gym Floor & Bleachers
In June we’ll be removing over 23,000 square feet of maple gymnasium floor and heart pine bleachers. Details here.

And in July we’ll catalog and dismantle a brilliant 19th century bank barn that will be sold as a kit for reassembly. Our crew has deconstructed scores of barns to resell the parts, but this is the most complete kit, and of the most impeccable craftsmanship that we have ever seen. Details here.

Every day we’re striving for larger and more interesting projects – projects with the most direct possibility for expanding the future use of material. If the materials or structures we mention are of interest to you or a friend, let us know.

We continue to gut and reclaim kitchens, pick up materials, and perform interior demolitions and cleanouts every week, but these landmark deconstruction projects are our passion and give ReUse Action its unique identity.

We look forward to sharing more projects with you in the coming months.



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