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Wood Harvest in Syracuse

Bleacher Planks

These gorgeous bleacher planks (see photos to right) have been salvaged from LeMoyne College this week and are now available in Buffalo.

Douglas Fir or Southern Pine (we’re still working on accurate typing of the wood species). Grain fineness on the narrower boards is close to heart pine. Dense, clear and resinous.

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Guild Resident – Jenny Miller

Lath Art

Creative people are making a home on the third floor of our building, The Guild @980.

The first resident to move in was Jenny Miller. Jenny’s creative endeavor is called Mexican Radio – each piece in the shop is made and designed by Jenny using reclaimed lath wood.

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Summer Projects

The engine behind our efforts has always been our Green Demolition Services. By implementing advanced strategies pioneered by David Bennink of ReUse Consulting, our team has been able to remove buildings more efficiently, with higher landfill diversion rates, and more safely than we could have ever done them before. Our roster of dismantled structures, residential and commercial, is over 200 and steadily growing.

This efficiency has opened doors to new projects and exciting opportunities.

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