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Summer Projects

The engine behind our efforts has always been our Green Demolition Services. By implementing advanced strategies pioneered by David Bennink of ReUse Consulting, our team has been able to remove buildings more efficiently, with higher landfill diversion rates, and more safely than we could have ever done them before. Our roster of dismantled structures, residential and commercial, is over 200 and steadily growing.

This efficiency has opened doors to new projects and exciting opportunities.

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We talk, then walk…

In 2007, when the city was struggling with a vacancy problem and the Mayor declared his visionary 10 in 10 plan to demolish 10,000 houses in 10 years, we envisioned something different.

Our Dream

We believed there was a better option for neighborhoods! So we created Buffalo ReUse, a neighborhood recycling effort to dismantle buildings and funnel reusable materials to a community store. The community rallied behind the idea, they supported the cause, they donated and shopped and worked to improve neighborhoods through our many service projects, tree plantings, and community gardens.

A Bigger Dream

In 2010, we dreamed even bigger. As the City changed, we observed widening disparities. Young men and woman in need of an opportunity, homeowners in need of a consistent source of quality renovation materials, and a planet in need of innovative strategies to reduce waste.

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We’re Open This Weekend!

The Guild @980 is open this Holiday Weekend! Every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 – 4, our doors are open. We stock artistic works, old and unique items, and all types of reclaimed and surplus building materials and house parts. Come out and see what you can find for your next project or gift idea. This weekend, we’ll be clearing out thousands of feet of barn boards and beams. Discounts will start at 20% off all beams, barn siding, and planks we have in our yard. Many will be even further discounted. If you haven’t visited The Guild @980, … Read more

Brrrr – It’s Time for Insulation!


It’s getting colder – time to add some insulation to your home or shop.

We do a brisk business in reclaimed and factory-second rigid foam insulation.

Right now, we have lots and lots of PolyIsoCyanurate (PIC) Insulation in our yard. This is the yellow stuff, good for roofs, ceilings and walls – R6 per inch.

Because it’s a reclaimed material, we can price it at HALF or LESS of its retail price.

Save money, save energy, stay warmer!

If you’ve come here from Facebook, welcome! The link says we’re discounting – that’s an error because it read last year’s post. We won’t be further discounting our insulation prices this time around.

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