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Reflections on the Demolition of 647 Lafayette

Demolition is destructive. I watched with awe as a relatively small machine so easily ripped through the large old growth timbers, hardwood flooring and red cedar siding. A building that took such tremendous care to build and represented impeccable craftmanship and the best of 20th century architectural design, so quickly was destroyed. I’ve built a business on what our culture and community relegates as useless and unwanted. Truth be told, it’s not my passion to destroy buildings, to pry them apart, dismantle them into their elemental pieces, or even save their parts. But it does serve as a means to … Read more

One Year Anniversary Party, October 15

We welcome you to join us for our One Year Anniversary Party, Saturday October 15th, from Noon to Five. If you visit us you’ll hear some great local music, eat some great food, get tours of our building (including a roof top view of the city), and shop FOR HOURS from our extensive and always growing inventory of reclaimed, low cost, and unique building materials. The Facebook event page is here. DIY BFLO, now in our gallery space We’re also celebrating the opening in our space of DIY BFLO, an established business selling unique and second hand creative supplies (among … Read more

REUSE Materials From Your Construction Project–
IMPROVE Your Bottom Line With Deconstruction & Salvage

The removal of construction materials from both commercial and residential buildings is called deconstruction or more simply salvage. Both terms describe the careful removal of quality materials with the explicit purpose of reuse. The use of reclaimed materials has become quite popular in commercial redevelopment. Examples of reclaimed materials used in new designs can be seen in WNY at Canalside, Five Points Bakery on the West Side; the new Thin Man Brewery in the Elmwood Village; and Aroma Cafe on North Forest in Amherst, to name just a few. Almost every new project is hoping to achieve a unique and … Read more

Open House at The Guild @980

Open House, July 23, 2016, 2pm to 6pmThe GUILD @ 980 invites you and your friends to an OPEN HOUSE for our community art workspace and retail destination on the East Side of Buffalo.

Saturday July 23, 2pm to 6pm, 980 Northampton Street, Buffalo NY 14211.

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3×8 Hemlock from Canandaigua Railroad Depot

Old growth hemlock, 3×8, 12 feet long. Nice structural timbers suitable for furniture making. This is the best fine-grained, old-growth hemlock we’ve ever seen.. We also have some 3x11s, 16 feet long. $2.75/board foot. In our yard now.

Extraordinary Bleacher Wood

Bleacher00These gorgeous bleacher planks were salvaged from LeMoyne College in Syracuse and are now available in Buffalo.

Douglas Fir. Grain fineness is close to heart pine. Dense, clear, vertical grained.

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Wood Harvest in Syracuse

Bleacher Planks

These gorgeous bleacher planks (see photos to right) have been salvaged from LeMoyne College this week and are now available in Buffalo.

Douglas Fir or Southern Pine (we’re still working on accurate typing of the wood species). Grain fineness on the narrower boards is close to heart pine. Dense, clear and resinous.

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Guild Resident – Jenny Miller

Lath Art

Creative people are making a home on the third floor of our building, The Guild @980.

The first resident to move in was Jenny Miller. Jenny’s creative endeavor is called Mexican Radio – each piece in the shop is made and designed by Jenny using reclaimed lath wood.

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Summer Projects

The engine behind our efforts has always been our Green Demolition Services. By implementing advanced strategies pioneered by David Bennink of ReUse Consulting, our team has been able to remove buildings more efficiently, with higher landfill diversion rates, and more safely than we could have ever done them before. Our roster of dismantled structures, residential and commercial, is over 200 and steadily growing.

This efficiency has opened doors to new projects and exciting opportunities.

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