Western New York's Largest Supplier of Reclaimed & Surplus Building Material

From Stairs to Cabinets

A lot of conversation in the building material reuse industry is about closing loops.   Rather than having a start and a finish (as in, virgin forest to landfill), we like to see a material come full circle and reenter into use.  At Action HQ we are constantly receiving and processing materials and using our woodshop to try and find uses for them.  When we have a good idea or something turns out particularly well, we’d like to share with you the creations we come up with! The green demo crew took down a house in South Buffalo this past week … Read more

Harvesting Our City

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the way ReUse Action acquires materials in Buffalo through green demos and salvage jobs and have come to the conclusion that what we are doing is much like mining for coal, only better.  What we are essentially doing is a more sustainable form of mining, in cities.  We are learning to use our city as an incredible and harvestable resource!  Harvesting material that is destined for a landfill, learning how to process it, reuse it and resell it.   We are “a community of tradesmen and women, artists, designers, and community members…” changing the … Read more

Opening Party at Rusted Grain!

About fifty ReUse Action and Rusted Grain friends and supporters turned out Thursday evening to kick off Buffalo’s newest woodshop, and one of the few who specialize in reusing materials. Here are some photos: See more photos of Rusted Grain’s opening party here.

Coming soon . . .

In a few weeks, ReUse Action will be able to process, plane and repackage all of the wood products we salvage! It has taken two months to buy tools, set up the space and get stuff in working order, but there is soon to be a functioning workshop space in the back of our storage warehouse where we can do anything from refacing of flooring to repairing furniture to building unique kitchen cabinets with a reclaimed/reused twist! Rusted Grain, the woodshop, has a super solid Berlin Machine Works cast iron planer and a jointer made in the early 20th century, … Read more