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Handmade Steel Table Legs

$75 to $100 per leg
  • We have a stock of hand-made steel table legs, ready to install under your table top (which we can also make for you).
  • These attractive legs are made in our building by Andrei Hand.
  • Andrei will also do custom work of this type.
  • These are much sturdier than cheaper legs available online.
  • Each leg has an adjustable foot, to make it easier to level your table.
  • Contact us if you’re interested in these fine products.
  • In stock: Large square tube, 32.5" long, one set of 4 for $350; SKU 1225
  • In stock: 5/8" rebar, 29" long, one set of 4 for $325; SKU 1227
  • In stock: 1/2" rebar, 29" long, one set of 4 for $300; SKU 1228
  • In stock: 1/2" round bar, 26.5" long, one set of 4 for $300; SKU 1228

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Custom Metal Leg Table Jan 2020

Product Number 1225

Email us: info @ reuseaction.com

Call us: 716-894-3366

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