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UNIVEX Deli Meat Slicer


  • New, these cost $2,400. We've seen them sold on eBay for $1,400. Only $1,000 at ReUse Action.
  • Bring your own leg of prosciutto, haunch of ham, breast of turkey or chicken, bat of salami, baloney, head cheese....or olive loaf.....mmmmm.....
  • OR block of tofu, saitan, Beyond Sausage or your tasty veggie substitute (we like the Field Roast "wienies" in our house).
  • Although a commercial meat slicer might be a bit overkill for a tofurkey, we recently acquired this UNIVEX model 7510 deli meat slicer.
  • It was clean when it came in but we disassembled and deep cleaned the body, the blade, the stops and holders, guards etc... further.
  • It runs and all parts move smoothly. I don't know much about the health codes but it probably requires a further cleaning, wipe down with disinfectant, lubrication with mineral oil before actually slicing food. I'm afraid I did not have a ham on hand to test it out.
  • Come see it Tues Fri or Sat 9-4.
  • And when you take it for its inaugural ride to make beef on weck please be sure to bring us a few, just we know it works.

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Univex Meat Slicer

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