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Maple Gymnasium Flooring

$5 per square foot

  • $5 per square foot at the store. Discounts apply to larger quantities purchased.
  • Current batch (May 2023, from Goshen, Ohio) is approximately 20,000 square feet.
  • 5/8" maple, two 1/2" layers of fir plywood, stapled and nailed together. Varnished.
  • Dimensions of this material: Currently, in our warehouse, each piece of this material measures approximately 45 inches wide and sixteen feet long.
  • Our customers have used this for bar tops, table tops, counter tops, wall hangings and, of course, flooring.
  • The maple is Hard Maple, Sugar Maple, Rock Maple (a number of vernacular terms) - Acer saccharum.
  • Most of this batch has no markings - foul lines, emblems etc. Pieces with interesting markings will cost at least $50 more per piece.
  • We can sell you the raw material as is, can cut it to your desired size for a fee, or can fabricate items for you to your specifications.

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Maple Gym Flooring

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