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Man Cave Bar


  • An old, man-cave sized bar.
  • I believe this bar was home-built or at least made by a carpenter because it's solidly made of pine and fir plywood, and screwed together with nice oval-head and flat-head, slotted screws.
  • I don't want to malign the Philips-head, star or square-drive screws . . . they are vastly easier to use, especially with power tools, BUT . . . BUT . . . NOTHING looks as good as nice, old, machined, slotted screws.
  • I grew up around classic old boats and nobody will ever admire rows of Philips-heads on a classic mahogany runabout.
  • You might get side-eyed for that restoration faux pas. But old-timers will whistle through their teeth and expound on the beauty of ranks of slotted screws all neatly aligned in one direction . . . (Add whistle here).
  • This one is 6 feet wide and 32 inches from the back to front, where the customer sits.
  • It's 19 inches wide at the ends and bows out in the middle.
  • It stands 44 inches tall.
  • The front has a real, old brass rail. This is a really nice feature.
  • One side of the back is a cabinet and the other a shelf.
  • Sweaty beer bottles have left their rings in the shellac in the cabinet.
  • The center has a copper pan with a spill grill.
  • There's a drain outlet in the bottom, and an old time bottle opener still attached.
  • I don't think this was big enough for a commercial establishment. Probably just for the old gang to hang around, smoke cigars, claptrap about baseball and such.
  • Come see it Tuesday, Friday or Saturday 9-4 and make your basement the place where everyone knows your name.

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Man Cave Bar

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